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[How to]: Prepare a Sole

[How to]: Prepare a Sole

Prepare a sole

If you are buying a prepared sole/ fish fillet, congratulations, you just need to wash it a little and then absorb the water with kitchen paper.

If you buy a whole sole with skin, then you need to follow these steps:

First step:

Wash the sole and blot it with kitchen paper. Cut off the fins on both sides.

Step 1

The second step:

Use a knife to open the fish skin at the tail. Use a knife to slowly scrape the fish skin until it can be grasped by hand. Use one hand to hold the fish tail (you can put a bit of coarse salt on the fish tail to prevent slipping), and use the other hand to slowly pull the entire fish skin with force (if the fish skin is too slippery, you can also use a rag to increase friction).

Step 2
Step 2

Remove the fish skin on the other side in the same way.

Third step:

Use scissors to cut off the fish tail, the fish head (the most traditional way is to keep the fish head fried. We don’t think the fish head is beautiful, so we cut it off), and trim the fins. Use your fingers to pull out the blood clot inside the fish neck.

Step 3

The fourth step:

Rinse the entire fish with running water, especially the location of the blood clots. Absorb water with kitchen paper. Draining the fish’s body water will help the fish to be evenly evenly coated when you dust with flour later.

Step 4

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